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About Jo Ludbrook

My love of textiles can be traced back to the finely woven pale-pink wool security blanket with satin edging whose tactile qualities I loved when I was a baby, (the remnant of which I still have in a suitcase). It travelled with me through fashion college and art school, and all the way to England when I married Ricardo the Magnificent and moved to Norfolk in 2003. I've always been a keen collector of textiles old and new, and these fabics alongside my sewing machine were the only things I brought with me when I left Melbourne.

I spent 10 years in the UK branching out into Ecclesiastical vestments and the restoration of antique textiles, while building upon the business I'd run in Australia where I designed and made cushions for top department stores in Sydney and Melbourne (David Jones, Nest, Roost) and Hong Kong (Lane Crawford).

Now I'm back home again in Melbourne. It's changed a lot with even more incredible food, coffee and hipsters everywhere. I feel as if I should really get a tattoo but the longer I leave it the fresher it's going to look when I'm 65!


Oooh, I have a cushion fetish! No room on the sofa to sit anymore and as for my bed, well maybe I should sleep on the floor lol. THIS will look so gorgeous and match my newly painted bedroom - Raspberry Diva accent wall and Snuggle Up...yum! Mary D-W

I am in the throes of 'discovering' cushions after visiting the George hotel in Dorchester - stayed in a sumptuous 4 poster bed with cushions galore.... of this ilk! Love em... I am totally converted from your basic Tesco / Ikea nonsense... these are the business!!! Catherine M S

It's the bobbles - I adore the bobbles. This cushion is crucial to my continued existence. Hilary P

OMG I've just found your site and can't believe such beautiful things were hiding in Norfolk, definately be paying you a visit on my next trip. Rachel V

I love all my exotic cushions so much that I have converted my extended family as well. I can only say I am addicted!!!! Anne W

A visual feast! Nicola Anne W

I have tried to make my own cushions and clearly I'm an art appreciator, not creator. Luckily there's people like you out there! Nicki Z C

I think i see everything in terms of food...to me this is a raspberry jam marshmallow biscuit and i want to eat it ! Or at the very least, stick my face in it ! Emma B

So beautiful that words fail me. This one takes my breath away. Don't know if I can dare leave it out on the sofa with our little Sheila around. She has exquisite taste. (She only chews gorgeous things.) Colleen B

This would look beautiful next to the gorgeous raspberry cushion I've just bought from you! Here's hoping that hot pink will bring a hot summer for rolling about on cushions.... Nancy C

I love this one, it is truly exotic and lives up to the name...exotic-cushions. I love the way you incorporate the vintage fabrics which make each one unique and special. You really make heirlooms which is wonderful. Gina C

Jo Ludbrook

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